The Hub

The Digital Humanities Hub is not meant to be a static site but one that fosters exploration. In this dynamic “Third Space,” we aim to connect placed-based humanities learning with specific locations (and thus particular ecologies, histories, and resistance practices) in order to travel between theory and practice, idea and action.

By Third Space, we have in mind Homi K. Bhaba’s concept of 1) a place apart from sites of power where the “oppressed plot their liberation” and 2) a space calling together both historically marginalized and empowered communities. In embracing the particular identities, legacies, and aspirations of those who come together, we seek a transformational place where models for change arise from the labor of navigating difference. Through the storytelling power of the humanities, we look to amplify social justice work and build hope amid the politics of polarity.

What would you like to explore?