Community-based Language Workshops Journal Entries

Assignment for CES 240 – Language: The Colonial and Imperial Difference

(Due Sunday before Midnight Reflection #1 Week 5; Reflection #2 Week 6; Reflection #3 Week 7; Reflection #4 Week 8; Reflection #5 Week 9)
Each Journal Entry must consist of a minimum of three paragraphs, each containing five-six sentences (500 words minimum). The Journal Entries must include three-five sentences summarizing the workshop or guest speaker presentation, two-three sentences relating the article to course material, and two-three sentences providing your opinion of/reaction to the workshop and/or presentation (Please see Moodle for specific guiding questions to approach this
assignment) Students must post their reflections on the class website every Sunday no later than midnight. These Journal Entries are designed to expand your knowledge of the topics, and the literature, and deepen your summarizing and analytical skills. They also encourage you to make connections between a reading and your own ideas. These reports are informal: conceptualize them as “rough drafts” or “non-polished” pieces of writing.

After posting, each student is required to engage in an online discussion by responding to one other Online Post. Some questions to consider while writing the online response:

  • What are the relevant issues surrounding the class themes?
  • Why do you agree (or disagree) with the ideas you have read?
  • In what ways have you witnessed the ideas in the workshop/presentation “in action?”
  • How are the ideas in the workshop/presentation congruent with or contradictory to otherarticles?
  • What practical application does the workshop/presentation have for your life?