Undergraduate Summer Research Support

Summer Research Project Types

The HILL initiative supports two types of summer research projects with a stipend award amount of $4,500, which includes an allocation of $1,000 for housing, supplies for research, or conference travel.

Student/Faculty Collaborative Summer Research

This stipend will allow students with a newly developing interest in place-based learning to spend their summer collaborating with faculty on a project, campus initiative, or co-authored article.

Senior Integrated Project Summer Research

This stipend will allow students to design and conduct a research project on a theme or topic connected to location/dislocation for their required Senior Integrated Project in the Hub location. Students will submit a research proposal and a letter of recommendation from the student’s SIP advisor.


Recipients of these grants must spend a minimum of six weeks in the Hub Location and submit a research log at the beginning of Fall term. Additionally, recipients must present their research at the Social Justice Research Symposium in the Spring term and commit to produce materials for the HILL Digital Humanities Website.

Application Components

Applications must be received by Tuesday of 5th week in Spring Quarter and notifications of approval will be sent by Friday of 6th week. A completed application would include the following:

  • Completed application questionnaire on Hornet Passport
  • Research Rationale – 1,000 word statement in PDF format that addresses the following:
    • how your proposed project addresses social justice in conjunction with the themes of location and dislocation;
    • relevance of location site;
    • what will constitute data in your project* and how it will be gathered;
    • if your project includes human participants, you must discuss how you will gain access to them.
  • letter of support from your faculty co-researcher or SIP advisor
  • Meeting with the respective HILL faculty location advisor

*NOTE: If your project requires IRB approval, a copy must be submitted before funds are disbursed.